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Your web site represents your business and if it is out of date or provides incorrect information, what kind of message does that send to your customers? 

"We Can Make You Shine Online!"

Everyone believes they can save money by making their own changes and updates on their own web site. Unfortunately, it never quite works out that way. 

It's not easy. I have seen this happen many times. A company spends a lot of money creating a great web site and then turns over the web site maintenance to their staff to save money.

Web RedesignUnfortunately, web site maintenance is not as easy as it sounds. And within a couple of months, the site has broken links and the site architecture and plan is in shambles. The savings was definitely lost in the appearance and malfunctions of the site. 

Websites can be unintentionally damaged by amateur updating. Links can be broken or lost, files exposed or deleted. Pouncy Designs provides Web Maintenance to protect your investment. Have your changes made quickly and easily by a professional.

Regular Maintenance
Your website must be kept up-to-date. To edit content, just email the information or pictures and I will upload it quickly, with a trained eye to the overall effect of your site.

Using newest technologies, I can monitor your site and make changes that improve your site's performance. I will continue to make sure that all features are functional.

Web Redesign
Most web sites will need a redesign about every 2 to 3 years, just to keep up with changes in your business and new technology. I can help you create a new look, while keeping the desirable elements of your old site.

Call Pouncy Designs today and you can take the worry out of your website maintenance, quickly and easily. 


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